Frequently asked questions

The Markup R-XP annual subscription currently costs £14.99 (plus any local sales tax) after a 14 day trial period. This is a recurring subscription and less than the price of a kit or a few skeins of thread for a whole years access to the app!

Due to an issue with the previous release users had been able to download and use the full version of Markup R-XP without having to pay for a license. Therefore, Markup R-XP was updated to automatically & periodically check for valid licenses. If a valid licence could not be found for some reason, Markup R-XP will present a warning message to the user but still allow the user to work on their projects for a period of time.

Here are some things to check if you are presented with the warning message:

  1. Ensure you are connected to the internet (so the license can be checked)
  2. Make sure you have a valid subscription (see Apple Purchases for Apple and Google Purchases or Google Purchase History for Android). There needs to be a price next to the entry, confirming the subscription. If there is no price ($0.00) that means Markup R-XP has been downloaded but no license has been purchased.
  3. On your device ensure you are using the same account that you used to make the original purchase. If you are using a different account, then the purchase will not be found.
  4. If you are switching between devices, then they must be of the same type, i.e. either both Apple or both Android. The way that Apple and Android stores work means that a separate licence is required if you want to use Markup R-XP on both types of devices.
  5. If you do have another device, e.g. phone and/or tablet, on the same platform are you able to ‘Restore Purchase’ on that device or do you get the same issue?
  6. Make sure you are on the latest version of Markup R-XP. Update your version from the relevant store if not.
  7. Click on the ‘Restore Purchase’ button to restore the purchase.


Here are some additional links for Android users which may be useful:

  1. To see what email account is being used on your device see this link.
  2. To see what devices are associated with your account see this link. (You may have to acknowledge that your new device belongs to you)
  3. To troubleshoot problems with in-app purchases see this link.
  4. There may be a problem with your Google Play Store connection, see this link for possible fixes.


Here are some additional links for Apple users which may be useful:

  1. If your warning message reads ‘In-app purchases are not allowed‘ then see this link
  2. If you can’t find or use your in-app purchases – Apple Support.
  3. Report a Problem (apple.com)
  4. If you are using an Apple-Account Balance, and the purchase is not working, go to this link https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT201266 and list your Apple-Account Balance as a payment method and move it to the top of the list. See if this resolves your issue. Remember to re-order you payment methods once payment is done

Apple Payment

Those apps which are complete and will no longer be updated or have minimal support, are often sold for a one-off payment. However, Markup R-XP is being worked on full time to constantly improve and add to it’s features. In addition there there is ongoing reactive support and a whole host of useful resources being created. In order to support all this activity we need to charge a small annual subscription. In this way you know you are always working with the most up-to-date markup application and can rely on top class support.

Yes, you are free to use all features of Markup R-XP (except import/export) for two weeks completely free.

Yes, you can use Markup R-XP on all Apple mobile devices which are logged into the same Apple ID. The same goes for Android mobile devices. However, your markup files will not automatically sync between devices. To do this you will need to export your pattern from one device and then import into the second device. (Note: Import and export is only enabled on paid versions). Also note that if you want to use Markup R-XP on both and Android device and an Apple device, you will need separate subscriptions on each platform.

We are actively adding features to Markup R-XP in response to comments and suggestions made by users. Check out our Trello board to make suggestions, vote on your favourite update and see what’s coming soon.

You can email us at info@markuprxp.co.uk or join other users in our Facebook Markup R-XP Users Group where you will find a wealth of experience from other app users.

Yes, Markup R-XP will load almost any PDF chart although be aware that some PDF charts contain more information than others so you may still need to do a little setup.

Yes, but make sure it’s of high quality with a clear grid, clear symbols and not folded, rotated or creased. The clearer, flatter and straighter the image, the better job Markup R-XP will make during loading.

Coming Soon – We’re in the process of adding items to this list

Coming Soon – We’re in the process of adding items to this list