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Markup R-XP

The leading Markup App for both Apple and Android Mobile Devices

Any Chart

Markup ANY chart from ANY designer . Not limited to supported designers.

Any Format

Load a PDF chart, a picture of a chart or a photo/scan of a paper chart. Markup R-XP handles them all.

Join Pages

Stitch pages together into one big chart for easy markup and navigation

Symbols & Colours

Automatically detect and assign symbols and colours in your chart

Shade Cards

Shade cards from DMC, Anchor and Madeira built in for quick reference and realistic preview

Easy on the Eyes

Zoom in close to make marking up easy on the eyes

Track your Progress

Instantly see your stitching statistics to monitor your progress

Help & Tutorials

Visit our YouTube page for comprehensive video tutorials

User Group

Join thousands of likeminded Markup R-XP users in our Facebook Page and our vibrant Users Group to exchange ideas and tips.

Getting Started Video

Curious about what Markup R-XP can do for you? Our short introductory video will give you a preview.

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Quick Start Guide

Accelerate your learning curve with Markup R-XP by downloading our quick start guide, designed to help you get up to speed in no time!

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Apple (iOS) and Android Compatible

Seamless across devices

Markup R-XP is compatible with both Apple and Android devices and can be used just as easily on a mobile phone or a tablet. If you have multiple devices logged into the same account on the same platform, you can also share your Markup R-XP subscription and backup and restore charts between devices.


Markup ANY Chart

With Markup R-XP you can load and markup almost any chart. Whether it's a PDF from the internet, one you've purchased from a designer, an image of a chart or even a chart from a book or other paper chart. Markup R-XP allows you to mark them all up.

Bonus Feature

Exclusive Free Chart

When you install Markup R-XP you’ll also receive a complementary EXCLUSIVE chart from Artecy Cross Stitch which will be automatically loaded into the app ready to stitch and markup.

Try the full version for 2 weeks

Free to try

You can enjoy all the features of Markup R-XP for free for a two week trial period. Then, if you are enjoying using the app, join the Markup R-XP community by subscribing for a small annual cost (much less than one kit!). This will help support the developers and allow them to continue updating the app, supporting it’s users, and adding even more great features.

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Jennifer Lail

Android User

Amazing tool to have for cross stitchers! The ability to see a chart as a full image is the absolute BEST feature.  Lots of customization options. The Facebook group is invaluable, and the developer is active in helping to answer questions.


Apple User

I absolutely love this app!!!.. makes charts so much easier to see. So easy to download your patterns onto, and get started straight way. I will definitely not be going back to paper charts as it's so easy to take a photo of it and put it onto here. Loads of help on their YouTube channel if you are stuck.

Jessica Hyötylä

Android User

Very good, easy to use even for a noob. I think this is the most useful app I've bought so far. Very impressed with all the work behind it, it's very well thought out. Couldn't recommend it more!


Apple User

I haven’t used other cross stitch apps so I can’t compare. But I have been using this with my dimensions pattern. It’s fantastic. The maker was super helpful. Lots of good YouTube videos to help . Absolutely love it

Donna Borovy

Android User

Markup-RXP is similar to another app for moving about a pattern, marking/un-marking stitches & searching for symbols, but it is much more powerful. I consider the other app to be a simplified version of Markup R-XP. I was amazed that Markup R-XP was able to accurately load a pattern from Scarlet Quince which the other app will not do! That alone is worth the subscription investment for me. Stitching stats are provided automatically...no more spreadsheets !! Definitely worth buying


Apple User

I bought this app, then had a problem which was of my own making, but James responded within a few minutes of me putting my query on the Facebook group, and sent me a short video to help. I was so grateful for his quick response which, considering was on a Sunday, was not expected. Love, love, this app.


Markup R-XP allows a two week free trial period, and then is just £14.99 + local VAT/Taxes for a whole year of updates and first rate support - cheaper than many kits or a handful of threads! This will allow the developers to continue improving and updating the app and to provide you with first class support.